Why Your International Business Needs Language Learning

Language learning has quickly become a top priority in the business world, especially since it brings forth a multitude of opportunities. It’s not a concept exclusive for the large corporations anymore, as an increasing number of mid-sized companies have discovered its importance, especially when it comes to the idea of expanding into foreign markets.

In a highly competitive world, looking for new ways to get ahead is vital, and for many, part of the plan is to tap into new markets, helping their brands launch globally. If you wish to invest in language learning but wish to learn more about its returns, here are three solid reasons your training and development programs need the magic of languages:

Reason #1: Develop a robust corporate culture

As the world continues to progress, globalization has become important now more than ever. In America, large cities mean diverse populations, which makes learning new languages ever more dire. It’s more than just helping your diverse employee group learn new languages and break down barriers—it ensures that your employees perform at their best and are able to work efficiently no matter the context.

By providing them the opportunity to learn new languages, you also enhance your corporate culture. You convey a message that you value inclusiveness and teamwork, as you enable your non-English speakers to learn the skill to build relationships with colleagues.

Reason #2: Boost employee productivity

When language is a barrier, language learning can also encourage employees to become more outspoken and confident about their roles. The ability to communicate properly allows them to be more productive, as they can now ask questions and get answers without as much hassle and hesitation.

As someone running a business, productivity is key to business success. Without the pressing concerns of trying to work around communication issues, your employees are free to focus on what matters most in the office—their roles.

On the other hand, even when language learning is a perk for your employees, happier employees tend to be more productive. So it’s really a win-win no matter what.

Reason #3: Develops better customer relationships

If you wish to expand your business into a foreign market, language training is paramount. You need to train your employees to learn local languages, as this is the only way to properly connect with and gain the loyalty of customers.

Negotiation with clients and vendors overseas is also a pain point of many, but with a new language strategy by your side, you build better trust and stronger relationships. Miscommunication can be ruled out of the equation, which is the usual cause of negative business outcomes, but the most important part is that the only language that matters is your client’s language. That’s the only way you can get to your client’s heart.


Regardless of your business’ nature, language training in the corporate world has now become valuable. Investing in language training paves way for better and more robust company culture, increases employee productivity, and helps your business reach new heights by helping it expand into international markets.

If you’re considering investing in an internal language training program, however, consider not just the technicalities of learning a new language. Learning is a journey that’s never linear, but learning a new language can be fun and exciting. It helps your business grow in more ways than one, allowing you to invest the most indispensable parts of your company—your employees.

For the best language provider in the USA, Diáfano is the place to go. We offer companies the opportunity to improve their culture and empower their employees through highly-specialized language training. We make it fun and innovative, ensuring that your employees find meaning in what they do. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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