With 41 million native speakers in the US, it is not surprising that Spanish is the number one sought-after foreign language in this country. Hispanics are part of a thriving economy with a purchasing power of 1.5 trillion dollars and daily spending habits above any other ethnic group in the US. Imagine how you could expand your network, your career, your company, and your prospects by learning the language of 21 countries around the world, the native tongue of Miguel de Cervantes, Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende and Oscar de la Renta.

Our Methodology

The Diáfano Method™ stems from our belief that learning a language does not have to be a daunting task. It can be easy, joyous and effective when you have an expert by your side. We have developed an original student-centered methodology based on positive reinforcement, change and adaptability, where the student is able to learn and retain because the material is simplified, tailored towards his  learning style, and he is constantly encouraged down the road. If your company is interested in hearing more about our methodology, feel free to contact us here.

Our Mission

Diáfano helps your company tap into the ever-growing Hispanic market place. It also supports your employees expand their professional and personal aspirations by learning the language of so many speakers in the United States and abroad. We aim to make Spanish available to all major US corporations.

Our Founder

Irma Cedeno is an educator, linguist, creativity expert, and cultural competence strategist whose expertise extends over the course of a decade. Her experience working in the US, Mexico, Spain, and Japan have provided her with topnotch cultural competency, and unparalleled sensibility to others’ style, adaptability and learning culture, making her finely attuned to her clients’ needs. She obtained her degrees at New York University. She is also the author of various forthcoming novels, including the novella “Desnuda, Corea” (Brutas Editoras, Chile).