A strong language program within schools improves connections and communication between students, parents, and teachers and creates global citizens, but finding the time to create one can be tough. No worries—that’s where we come in! We’re your go-to partners in language education.

Our expertise? Crafting engaging online language classes for students, parents, and teachers.

  • M/WBE and DOE Vendor Certified

    Rest assured knowing you're partnering with a city and state M/WBE certified vendor and also DOE Vendor certified.

  • Culturally-Relevant Learning

    Students will not just learn a language. They will find themselves immersed in the culture.

  • Stress-Free

    Whether you're creating a program from scratch or expanding your current program, we take care of everything from the implementation of the program to management of the teachers.

a teacher showing his student how to find resources online in spanish

2,000+ clients have learned

For Students

From after-school programs, to 1:1 or group tutoring, build a dual-language school with our language classes. Students benefit from a deep understanding of language and culture, and promote their academic and professional success.

For Teachers

Create a supportive environment and engage with limited English proficient students and parents in their native language, while offering a professional development initiative.

For Parents

Allow limited English proficient parents to grow personally and professionally with English classes. Bridge language gaps between parents and teachers.

From Spanish to ASL, we got you!

 If you’re thinking of creating an English program for parents, a Spanish program for teachers to communicate with Spanish-speaking students, or even introducing ASL as a new language opportunity for your school community. Choose from over 20+ languages to get started!

Achieve Language Mastery

We’re here to help you achieve your language goals. Diáfano was started with that specific mission in mind.

Our founder is a linguist who spent 10 years working in the USA, Spain, Mexico, and Japan. She started the company after seeing significant gaps in the market. With a passion for language and an even greater passion for people, she felt a responsibility to democratize and humanize language learning. The transformative experience clients get with Diáfano is unmatched.

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Irma Cedeno



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About Instructor

Irma is a trained linguist, native Spanish speaker, and teacher. She is the founder and CEO of Diáfano.


For those with no prior experience with Spanish. 9-week course.

For those who can hold a minimal conversation in Spanish, ask for directions, etc.

For those who are conversational and can express emotions in Spanish

For those who are conversational and can express emotions in Spanish. The course is designed to get you to full fluency.

Upcoming Courses

May 1st - May 30th
Advanced Beginner
May 1st - May 30th
May 1st - May 30th
May 1st - May 30th