Our goal is to create an effective package tailored to put you on the path to achieve the results you are looking for. Our clients have unique goals and our goal is to have them meet theirs. This is what makes Diáfano the cutting-edge alternative. 

Our numerous programs include, but are not limited to:

* Click on each program for a list of courses.

  • Basic Course: 30-hour package of group Spanish lessons for any level. This class is most effective with groups of up to 10 individuals twice a week, for 2-3 hours a week. Participants can expect to move up one level by the end of this course.
  • Executive Course: 30-hour package of one-on-one Spanish lessons for any level. The participant will move approximately two levels up and will be speaking Spanish by the end of this course.
  • Intensive Training: 10-20 hours of intensive Spanish training to address a particular need. This includes preparation for public speaking, getting ready for a presentation, accent reduction or fine-tuning a specific area of development.
  • Latin American/Spanish Market-Targeted Communications Coaching: At Diáfano, we not only train you to speak the language, but also to understand the Hispanic market. The core of our work is cultural competence to help you tap into the 1.5 trillion dollar Hispanic market. We know the words that resonate and the topics that are meaningful to Spanish speakers. We will help you have more productive interactions with other executives, who although speak English will be more receptive when you understand what matters to them. This will prepare the executives to have more engaging conversations in a way that not only appeals to your audience, but that is also more persuasive. We will help you close the deal.
  • Cultural Programming and Seminars: Whether you want to enrich your company’s corporate culture through a book club focusing on contemporary Latin American lit or need the latest research on Hispanic trends, we offer fun workshops, talks, and seminars, including our Book Club, Film Club, Creative Writing Workshop, and Author Series. These programs have proven to not only be a great additional benefit, but are also a way to engage a particular department, or the company as a whole, in your company’s vision as it relates to the Latin American and Spanish markets.
  • On-Demand Consulting: Retainer engagement at the client’s discretion. This includes a specified number of hours which are available for the client to use throughout the year as needed, including but not limited to: in-house, on-demand coaching with business executives, one-day training for staff, public speaking coaching and on-demand Spanish intensive training.


Due to the high level of customization of our services, our fees are tailored to meet each client’s goals and needs. Our fee options are flexible and designed to fit your unique situation. Our services are available on a retainer or package basis.

Contact us at to discuss your goals and fee options. We look forward to hearing from you.

Basic Course

This 30-hour class is recommended for a group of up to 10 company employees and includes:

Executive Course

A 30-hour course made specifically for executives needing one-on-one classes. It includes:

Intensive Training

If you are looking for quick results but have little time, these 10- to 20-hour intensive packages are for you:

Latin America/Spanish Market-Targeted Communications Coaching

With a thriving 1.5 trillion dollar economy in the US alone, and spending habits above any other ethnic group, it is no wonder that so many companies want to tap into the Hispanic market. Diáfano provides coaching to help you mine this market and improve your bottom line. Our market-targeted classes include:

Cultural Programming and Seminars

Diáfano offers a range of programs to help you bring Hispanic culture to your company, including:

*These courses are offered to students at an intermediate level and above.
**These workshops can be in Spanish, English, or both.

On-Demand Consulting

Retainer engagement at the client’s discretion. A specified number of hours will be available to you throughout the year, including but not limited to: