Submission Guidelines

Want to submit a guest post for the blog? We’re happy to cover a wide array of topics on language learning or Spanish-related topics. Here’s just a few possible topics with examples: 

  1. Travel (Formality in Spanish: Tú, Usted, Vos, Vosotros, and Ustedes)
  2. Culture (Top 10 Spanish Restaurants in NYC)
  3. Tips (10 Tips to Learn Spanish If You Are a Visual Learner)
  4. Grammar (12 Irregular Spanish Verbs in the Future and Conditional)
  5. Vocabulary (Financial Vocabulary in Spanish: 100 Words to Have on Your Spanish Portfolio)
  • Rough word count: 500-1500 words.
  • Articles can be longer than 1500, but not shorter than 500 words.
  • We do edit. Please make sure your copy is clean when submitted. We will format and find images (if you have a great pic to go with it, send that too.)
  • Uploaded images must be no larger than 1500 x 1000.
  • Images should be free of copyrights, recommend to use stock photos.
  • Compress your image on Tinypng before uploading it.
  • Please include your bio and qualifications at the end of your article.
  • Include your main social media platform under “Your URL.”

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