Going Global: The Benefits of Having Multilingual Employees

In an age of a highly saturated market, finding the right competitive advantage can be difficult. Luckily, there are certain skills that can benefit your company no matter the industry, such as language learning. By allowing your employees to learn a new language, you place yourself ahead of the market, particularly when it comes to dealing with international clients.

Having a good grasp of the English language is one thing, but if you wish to expand your business reach, your company needs to invest in local languages. That said, the ability to master additional languages could be just what your company needs to complete the puzzle of success, especially in the current circumstances.

While business success is the goal, bear in mind that language learning can benefit your business in ways you never thought possible. To fully understand just what a multilingual staff can do for your business, here is a rundown of all the benefits a language learning investment can bring:

Benefit #1: A successful global venture

If you’re planning to take your business global, having an extensive force of multilingual employees will be your biggest asset. They’ll have the means to speak and transact business with overseas clients, allowing your company to adapt to proper business etiquettes.

Chinese businessmen and businesswomen, for instance, present significant items with two hands and a slight bow. The Japanese also follow many customs. Having employees who are well-versed with the language and culture could be your one-way pass to closing deals and partnerships, decreasing the chances of failure. An investment in language learning and cultural competence training can be your secret to global success.

Benefit #2: A diverse and inclusive workforce

By investing in language learning, you allow your teams to grow in a diverse and innovative environment. You’ll then gain access to a range of talent and potential, attracting individuals from all walks of life keen to grow and succeed. Diversity and inclusion is also a great way to retain talent, as it shows that your company values progression, culture, and success.

If you would like to take your business global, a diverse workforce capable of speaking multiple languages is ideal. This signals that you are a company worth knowing, as you’re taking measures to ensure that client needs are met, no matter the language they speak and the culture they come from.

When hiring non-English native speakers it is also important to invest in helping them sharpen their English-speaking skills that will help them be more confident and better interact with fellow employees.

Benefit #3: Better customer service

Venturing into new markets, much less international ones, can be extremely challenging. From a customer-facing perspective, having your employees speaking multiple languages exhibit a certain level of care and appreciation for your customers, and this compels prospects to patronize your business.

For many countries around the world, people only speak a single language. By having your staff speak a certain language and identify with the country’s cultures, you place your company at an enormous market advantage. This helps your business understand client needs better, and with that firm understanding comes better services. And if you’re a company that delivers, word will quickly spread and attract even more customers.

Multilingualism—The ticket to the future

The challenges are ever-present in the consciously expanding market, and if you wish to get ahead, now is the time to invest in your employees. By providing them with the right tools and opportunities to learn new languages, you lead your business into the future. Multilingual employees are irreplaceable assets, motivating others to think innovatively, bridge cultural gaps, and above all, attract non-English speakers.

If you wish to take the next step towards global success, Diáfano can help. We are a language provider in the USA dedicated to helping businesses empower their employees. We help improve work cultures and encourage innovation through fun and highly-specialized language courses and programs, ultimately helping you execute successful ventures. Let’s talk business—reach out today.

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