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All the financial terms you’ll ever need…in Spanish!

If you work in finance and just couldn’t find the right technical term in Spanish for client in Latin America or Spain, it won’t happen again. I’ve got you covered. Whether you are a trader, broker, or a Spanish learner who loves to expand his vocabulary, here are 100 words not to be missed: financial terms in Spanish that will get you through any conversation….or even a presentation.

Accrual [basis] accounting – contabilidad [por principio] de devengo / de ejercicio
Amortization – amortización
Asset – activo
Bankruptcy – bancarrota
To be listed [on the stock exchange] – cotizar [en bolsa] Bond – bono
To borrow – tomar prestado
Broker – agente de bolsa / broker / stockbroker
Business – negocios
To buy – comprar
Capital flow – flujo de capital
Cash – dinero en efectivo
Cash [basis] accounting – contabilidad [por principio] de caja
Cash flow – flujo de efectivo / flujo de caja
Central bank / reserve bank – banco central
Closing – cierre
Creditor – acreedor(a)
Common stock – acciones comunes / acciones ordinarias
Company – compañía / empresa
Corporation – corporación
Consumption – consumo
Coupon – cupón
Currency – moneda
Debt – deuda
Debtor – deudor(a)
Demand – demanda
Depreciation – depreciación / devaluación
Derivative – derivado
Diversify – diversificar
Dividend / profit share – dividendo
Disposable income – renta disponible
EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) – El ebitda (beneficio antes de intereses, impuestos, depreciaciones y amortizaciones)
Economy – la economía
Emerging market – mercado emergente
Equity – patrimonio neto / capital social
Earnings – ingresos
Exchange rate – tipo de cambio
Expenses – gastos
Finance – las finanzas
Financial – financiero/a
Fixed income – de renta fija
Foreign currency – divisas
Free cash flow – flujo de caja libre / flujo de efectivo disponible
Fund (investment) – fondo / inversión
Government bond – soberano
Gross profit – beneficio bruto / ganancia bruta
Hedge fund – fondo de cobertura / hedge fund
High net worth – de altos ingresos
Index – índice
Inflation – inflación
Income (investment) – ingresos / rentas / ganancia
Insurance company – compañía de seguros
Interest rates – tasa de interés / tipos de interés
To invest – invertir
Investment – inversión
Investment portfolio – portafolio / cartera de inversión
To issue [debt] – emitir [deuda]
Issuer – distribuidor(a) / emisor
To lend – prestar
Loan – préstamo
Liability – pasivo
Liquidity – liquidez
Market capitalization – capitalización de mercado
Market – mercado
Maturity – vencimiento
Monetary policy – política monetaria
Money – dinero
Mortgage – hipoteca
Net profit – ganancia neta
Net worth – valor neto / patrimonio neto
Pension – pensión / jubilación
Pension fund – fondo de pensión
Performance / output – rendimiento
Preferred stocks / preferred shares / preffereds – acciones preferidas / acciones privilegiadas
Price – precio
Profit – beneficio
To profit – obtener ganancias
Profitability – rentabilidad
Real estate – bienes raíces
Retirement plan – plan de pensiones
Risk – riesgo
Salary – salario / sueldo
To save – ahorrar
The stock exchange – la bolsa de valores
Stock exchange-related – bursátil
Savings – ahorros
Securities – valores (financieros) / títulos (financieros)
To sell – vender
Share – acción
Shareholder – accionista
Sovereign bond – bono soberano
Speculate – especular
To spend – gastar
Stock – acción
Supply – oferta
Swap – intercambio
Taxes – impuestos
Trader – trader
Variable income – renta variable
Working capital – capital circulante / capital de trabajo / capital activo

Irma Cedeno

Irma is an educator, linguist, creativity expert, cultural competence strategist, and the founder of Diáfano, a company responsible for designing and implementing Spanish classes and programs at corporations. From universities and top US institutes to Fortune 500 companies, Irma has been an integral part of language learning and cultural competence training. After travelling to 40+ countries (and counting!) and over 10 years of working in education, she developed and honed her methodology in 2013. The Diáfano Method is student-centered methodology that breaks down language learning into clear and simple steps.
Irma grew up bilingual and is a proud learner of French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. Check her out at


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