Recently we published an article called Spanish Shows on Netflix: The Best Series to Watch.” On this article, we’ll more shows not only streaming on digital platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, but also from traditional TV stations producing high-quality series. Trying to find an amazing original series in Spanish? Don’t know where to start? We’ve done the research for you. Drama, suspense, fantasy, comedy, and even documentary. Here are our picks of the TV shows.


El tiempo entre costuras

Otherwise known as The Time in Between, this Spanish period drama takes place during World War II when Spain was facing a double attack between the Civil War and the German Nazis. Sira, a smart and resourceful young Spanish dressmaker, becomes the costume designer of Nazi wives stationed in Madrid. Urged on by her friend, a British spy, Sira uses her shop to help in defeating the Nazi forces. This is an adaptation of María Dueñas’ novel by the same title produced by Boomerang TV for the Spanish station Antena 3.

Watch it on Netflix.


Mi corazón es tuyo

Mi corazón es tuyo is the Mexican adaptation of the Spanish television series Ana y los 7. Fernando Lascurain is a businessman recently lost his wife and is seeking a new nanny to take care of his seven children. He hires Ana Leal, but he doesn’t know that she is a nightclub dancer. Although Ana doesn’t have experience as a nanny, her dreams of being a mother allow her to quickly bond with the Lascurain children and get along well with them. This might look like Ana’s perfect family, but she has some competition: Isabela. An economist by trade, Isabela is highly influenced by her mother and aims to marry a millionaire l. She targets on Fernando and let him fall in love with her. But Fernando also has a crush on Ana and he’ll have to choose between these two women. Who will he pick?

Watch it on Amazon, Hulu, DirecTV, or Xfinity.


Diario de un nómada

Diario de un nómada is a documentary series broadcast by La 2 de Televisión Española (TVE). The inspiration of this TV show was Miquel Silvestre, a professional property registrar who left his job to travel the world on a motorcycle. He began to post videos of his adventures on YouTube. TVE network reached out to him, proposed making a series. He agreed and allowed a team of professionals to help him record his “on-the-run” life.

Watch it free on the Spanish broadcasting service website RTVE.


Gran Hotel

Love, hate, jealousy, crime, and comedyincluding the customers’ and employees’mix up in this hotel and present us a fascinating and suspenseful drama.

In the early 20th century, Julio Olmedo arrives at Gran Hotel on the outskirts of the fictional town of Cantaloa, Santander. He plans to see his sister Christina, who works there as a maid. When he finds out she’s missing, he is determined to know the truth. He meets the hotel owner Alicia, who helps him. The two young people gradually fall in love with each other, but because of the disparity in their social status, this love appears illusory. As the story unfolds, Julio uncovers the ugliness and secrets of this flashy hotel.

Watch it on Netflix or Amazon. on Netflix



Destinos was designed by a professor specifically for Spanish learners in 1992. It uses the telenovela (Spanish soap opera) format to teach Spanish communication skills. Besides the Spanish-language dialogue, early episodes have English-language narration, but the English language content decreases gradually until disappearing entirely. Even today, schools often use it to introduce students to Spanish. Local channels, including PBS, still broadcast the show.  

Watch it on DirecTV, Amazon, Annenberg Learner, or KET Education.


La que se avecina 

La que se avecina is set in Mirador de Montepinar, a condominium located in Madrid. The name is a Spanish pun on the word vecino, which means neighbor, and the verb avecinarse, which means to come close to. The expression “La que se avecina” means “the trouble approaching”. It alludes both to being neighbors and to the friction that exists between the characters. Common issues in the story are the problems faced by people sharing apartments in Spain, the Spanish property bubble, and the hardships encountered by young people trying to find a place to live.

Watch it free on the online Spanish platform Mitele, or buy it on Amazon.


Ministerio del tiempo

El ministerio del tiempo is a Spanish fantasy television series. The Ministry of Time, as it is called in English, is an independent Spanish government institution that runs secretly and reports directly to the Prime Minister. The institution is responsible for watching the door of time and making sure no intruders from other eras can enter a different era. In doing so, it prevents history from being changed. For those of you who love fantasy, this show will be intriguing.

Watch it on Netflix or Amazon.


Tiempos de guerra

In the 1920s, during the War of Rif, the North African territory of Rif is resisting Spanish rule. A group of nurse trainees is sent from Spain to the city of Melilla by the Queen Victoria Enguenis in order to save the injured soldiers. They open a hospital in the city and try to adapt to their new lives, but they have no experience in nursing. Along the way, the women build friendships and find romance.

Watch it on Netflix.


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