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Diáfano is the language learning hub of the future, with human-centered philosophy at its very core. We offer effective and fun social learning to empower you to achieve language mastery.

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Tried-and-tested methods
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Diáfano Goes Beyond Language Learning

Have Richer Experiences
& Create Deeper Connections

Diáfano empowers people to immerse themselves in new cultures and create meaningful connections. We believe that language learning leads to cross-cultural understanding, so we aim to make it more accessible and more impactful than ever.

Our Philosophy

Learning a new language shouldn’t be daunting; it should be an enjoyable social learning experience. Diáfano uses a results-driven, student-centric methodology that lets people learn the way they want to learn. 

Diáfano Goes Beyond Language Learning

Our Values


We strive for mastery in everything that we do.


Integrity means a lot to us. It is at the core of who we are.


We create our own rules to give you an experience and results you won’t find anywhere else.


We are driven to reach our greatest potential. Our clients are too.


We care about people, first and foremost. We always create a nurturing environment that supports your growth.

How We Got Started

Our Story

Founder Irma Cedeno is a linguist, educator, and cultural competency strategist who’s passionate about language learning. She worked as a language teacher around the world and an Adjunct Professor.

Irma has an insatiatble passion for languages and is fluent in multiple languages herself. Having worked in variety of settings and identifying the shortcoming of language learning apps and their empty promises, she started Diáfano to address those issues.

From the very beginning, the mission of Diáfano has been to elevate and support each student’s maximum potential for language mastery in a fun, interactive, and culturally-competent way. She wanted to ensure that each teacher is an expert in both the art and science of language learning and has a spirit of ingenuity. 

Diáfano has since served over 2,000 students and dozens of world-renowned institutions. We are committed to our clients’ long-term goals, so we are in it for the long haul.

diafano founder and expert linguist irma cedeno

Irma Cedeno

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Irma Cedeno



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About Instructor

Irma is a trained linguist, native Spanish speaker, and teacher. She is the founder and CEO of Diáfano.


For those with no prior experience with Spanish. 9-week course.

For those who can hold a minimal conversation in Spanish, ask for directions, etc.

For those who are conversational and can express emotions in Spanish

For those who are conversational and can express emotions in Spanish. The course is designed to get you to full fluency.

Upcoming Courses

May 1st - May 30th
Advanced Beginner
May 1st - May 30th
May 1st - May 30th
May 1st - May 30th