4 Advantages of a Multilingual Workforce in 2020

The global marketplace has evolved at a rapid pace over the last few years. Because of this, companies are gradually feeling the need to branch out. Having at least a rudimentary understanding of other languages not only helps employees communicate better in meetings, but it also allows companies to have a better grasp of an otherwise foreign market. This is especially important for sales and marketing teams that are looking to expand in foreign markets that may have country or region-specific niches that may not easily translate to English.

Additionally, continuous professional development opportunities like language learning are a hallmark of a progressive company in the 21st century. Companies that encourage growth often see gains not only in their bottom line but also in having innovative employees who expand their skill sets and look for ways to bring the company to greater heights. These development opportunities can even be administered through e-learning modules that allow the employee to work and learn new skills at their own pace.

In this article, we will share four advantages of having a multilingual workforce in 2020, facilitated by language learning services, including e-learning modules.

1. True Diversity

Language learning will not only benefit your existing employees, but it can also allow you to branch out in terms of hiring new talent. Having multilingual managers will help you tap candidates who may come outside the English-speaking world by enabling your employees to have a better grasp of the English language, or giving them a chance to learn a new one. With remote working becoming more and more common, your company could benefit from the skills and perspective of an engineer working in Spain, or a talented graphic artist from Taiwan.

2. Employee Retention

Your company’s attrition rate is not a number that should be taken lightly. You will want to keep experienced employees working for you, and not hand them over to your competition. Each time an experienced employee leaves, another company benefits from their combined experience and expertise. By giving them opportunities to expand their skills in their current role, you are giving them a reason to stay with you for the long run. In fact, 86% of younger workers say that development opportunities & having a culture of continuous learning are enough to keep them from looking for opportunities elsewhere.

3. Improved Performance And Productivity

With 2020’s workforce increasingly becoming remote, and companies sourcing talent all over the globe, having a greater proficiency in any language is a big advantage. With this benefit, managers and employees will be able to share ideas and collaborate much more openly. Additionally, language training decreases the chance of simple miscommunication that could lead to costly mistakes.

4. Increased Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce is composed of active and motivated workers who enjoy their jobs and are constantly looking for ways to perform better. They are committed to overcoming challenges and are aligned with the company’s goals. Giving your employees a chance to further their personal development will not distract them from doing their work. Instead, it will boost productivity and give them better tools with which to do their jobs.


There’s no downside to giving your employees the chance to learn a new language. In fact, career development opportunities, such as language learning, is an added incentive that will make experienced employees stay and new candidates join you.

Diáfano will improve your company’s work culture and empower your employees through a series of fun, innovative, and specialized foreign language courses. With our help, they will become more apt in reaching out to a global market that will only help your company grow. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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