3 Reasons Your Accounting Firm Needs To Learn New Foreign Languages

The global economy is ever-growing, meaning that businesses sprout here and there. Your accounting firm may be established now, but in an increasingly competitive world, one with the most perks, qualities, and edge will trump all.

Similar to how you would filter through potential employees, the industry sees your accounting firm the same way. You’re given the opportunity to present your company in the most marketable way possible, and one of the most valuable traits considered today is the ability to speak multiple languages.

Although English is regarded as the lingua franca of business, knowing an additional language like French, Mandarin, or Spanish demonstrates a value like no other, helping your accounting firm reach new heights. A study by the University of Chicago, for instance, postulates that bilinguals are more capable of making better financial decisions, upping your accounting firm’s chances of success.

The prospect of learning a new language is an unparalleled experience, which can bring your employees together like a family. To fully understand the benefits of learning a language can bring to your accounting firm, here are three reasons to consider opening a foreign language class:

It increases your accounting firm's value

Although accounting and finance are industries that are non-negotiable, you need to encapsulate a market share that will keep your business growing. Encouraging your employees to learn a second language is one of the best ways to do that.

In doing so, you can service clients from all over the world, expanding your business internationally. Bilingual individuals are considered to be premium candidates in the marketplace and having your accountants with these extra skills make you an extremely valuable firm.

It helps your accounting firm gain a competitive advantage

The marketplace is highly competitive, no matter the industry. As previously mentioned, accounting firms like you exist all around the world, so how do you further convince clients to do business with you?

In such a crowded industry, it’s important that you find ways to differentiate your firm from the rest. If you can market your business as an accounting firm servicing multiple international clients, you’ll be the unique choice coveted by business owners from across the globe.

It helps your accounting staff build better connections and relationships

The best way to learn a language is by building new relationships. Language learning transcends beyond just the thrill of learning, as a second or third language enables your accounting firm to dive deeper into cultural groups. In a diverse workplace, this can be the perfect opportunity to get to know your employees better.

Furthermore, language learning breaks barriers, helping your staff feel more comfortable and confident. This translates to better dealings with clients and other business partners, thereby resulting in more sales, better service, and stronger team relationships.

Your next business step

Learning a new language is a way to improve your business credentials, as it helps you become more marketable, distinguishable, and overall a stronger workplace for your employees. In an increasingly global marketplace, having your employees speak several languages advances your business, ultimately helping it soar into new heights. The current state of affairs may not remain constant, but gaining a competitive advantage as early as now will warrant business success like no other.

To ensure that your firm gets the best of the best, contact Diáfano. We’re a language provider dedicated to helping businesses like you realize success, which lies in the very prospect of language learning. We make it fun, easy, innovative, and highly-specialized. Contact us today to learn more!

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